Youtube Channel Management

YouTube SEO: The Cornerstone of Video Content

YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine, offers you access to a large organic audience of potential customers and loyal viewers. By optimizing your video content for YouTube search by using search engine optimization, you have the ability to attract an audience interested in your type of content without having to worry about advertising. Proper SEO helps the YouTube algorithm identify what your videos are about and who to recommend your videos to.

How Our YouTube SEO Services Help Your Channel Succeed

Search engine optimization is key to driving organic traffic, boosting engagement rates, increasing channel authority, and producing relevant content that viewers are searching for. We research keywords and competitor content to determine the most optimal combination of best practices.

Best YouTube SEO practices include:

  1. Title, description, and tags using target keywords
  2. Eye-catching thumbnails
  3. Chapters, captions, and hashtags
  4. End Screens and Interactive Cards

It is important to understand how properly executed SEO practices affect your videos. One of the most desired outcomes of uploading video is for YouTube to recommend that video to a larger audience via browse features and suggested videos. When a video goes viral, you can guarantee the majority of views are coming from algorithm recommendations. So what role does search traffic and SEO play?

When a video is properly optimized for search, it allows viewers who are interested in the topic to find it with ease. It is proven that viewers who find a video through search are more engaged with the content they are watching. This is important because engagement plays a large role in whether YouTube’s algorithm will recommend your video to a wider audience.

High-ranking YouTube videos consistently have:

  1. High click-through rates (CTR)
  2. Better audience retention
  3. More watch time hours
  4. Better overall engagement and actions taken by viewers, such as likes, share, and subscribing.
  5. Newly acquired unique viewers

All of which are key to breaking into the recommendation algorithm. With better metrics comes more recommendations, which leads to more channel growth. When you focus on YouTube search traffic, you are supporting the overall growth of your channel.

We offer turn-key YouTube SEO services, from start to finish.

We have two SEO services, pre-production and post-production. If you are not conducting SEO prior to producing content, you may not be making content related to what people are searching for. With pre-production SEO, you can be confident knowing that there is a demand for the video you produce before you produce them. However, your library of content that has already been produced and uploaded can and should be optimized. With post-production SEO, we perform an audit of your channel’s content and choose videos that we are confident have an opportunity to rank in search results. Then, we perform research and craft the most optimal SEO possible. Learn more about our process below.

We Help You Reach Your YouTube Goals